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News Jan. 18, 2022 at 6:30 PM Zoom meeting

Hello Orchid Folks,

I hope you are doing well. We will be Zooming at 6:30 pm this Tuesday! Please find the Zoom link in your email. It may take a little while to get in the group so hang in there. It is ok to join late as your schedule requires.

It will be great fun to see and talk together again. I'm sure we all have questions and hopefully orchids to show. As far as adjusting our meeting times: Many folks work and can't make a lunchtime NOS meeting, and many folks are unable to travel long dark winter drives. Perkins has been closing in the late afternoons as covid affects their staffing, so dinner meetings are sketchy at this time. It has been suggested that we think about a weekend afternoon meet time. Any thoughts? As you know from the email from Ross, the Winter Carnival is requiring prepayment and a preregistered time for Show entry. I hope that many of us will be able to make the trip to enjoy the amazing orchids and of course, check out the orchids for sale. It is always a treat. Lots of folks to answer your orchid growing questions too.

The NOS is not having a display at the Winter Carnival this year. Let's hope for better times next year! FYI: the OSM is having Ken Cameron from the WI State Herbarium give a talk Feb 19th 1-3pm on the Effects of Climate Change on Orchid Diversity and Conservation in the Upper Midwest. Trying to keep up humidity this time of year? Try morning misting, humidity trays or even a humidifier may help. Or move to Hawaii? See you Tuesday. Best wishes, Gary



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