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May 21, 2019 NOS meeting

Hello Orchid People,

The NOS will be meeting at Engwalls Garden Center ( now called Lilac Hill Garden Center) at 4749 Hermantown Road. Social time will start around 6:00 with a meeting at 6:30. We will be preparing for the Rose Garden Parking Lot Plant Sale Saturday, May 25th. You can sell any orchids or orchid divisions, perennials, veggie or flower plant starts, or other garden related items. The sale starts at 8am sharp and sales are rapid! As this is a fundraiser, 15% of sales go to NOS. Once again you will need to attach a 3x5 card to each sale item using a rubber band, with the plant name, your name and the asking price, so that we can keep track of sales at the checkout.

We also will discuss preparations for Brenda Oviatt's talk on Sunday, October 20. Very exciting to have her speak about angraecoids, etc. And NOS members can start planning to ride along with the Orchid Society of Minnesota to the Chicagoland Orchid Festival Sept19-21st (Thursday- Saturday) with stops at Natt's and Hausermanns $195. A great get away trip with a great bunch of orchid lovers. You need to do this! Hope to see you at Engwalls Tuesday. Bring any orchids for show, sale or raffle. And any interested friends are welcome. So far the weather is forecasted to be in the mid 50's with evening rain possible. We'll see!

Best wishes, Gary



Welcome to Northland Orchid Society!

Can you grow an orchid? It's easier than you think and it's fun and rewarding!

Thanks for taking the time to visit the Northland Orchid Society (NOS) website. Whether a beginner or an expert orchid grower, you will find all the wonderful things our site has to offer, and you are welcome to join the society if you are not already involved.

Like the passion you have for orchids, NOS membership is a truly rewarding experience. NOS provides a forum for us to meet and learn from each other on how to grow various kinds of orchids in you home. The annual orchid sale and various guest speaker and orchid show events allow us to share the appreciation and cultivation of orchids as a hobby.

Upcoming events

The NOS will participate in the DGFS Plant Sale at the Rose Garden Saturday, May 25, 2019. The NOS is planning our Annual Orchid Sale and Repotting at Engwalls Saturday, August 24, 2019. Brenda Oviatt's orchid talk is planned on Sunday, October 20, 2019.



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